What to Look for When Your AC Isn’t Getting Cold

You rely on your AC to keep your Florida property cool and comfortable. When problems arise, it can leave you and everyone else in your property hot and miserable. Turning to your trusted local provider of AC maintenance in Plantation is the best move when issues do arise. It is helpful to know what signs to look out for that indicate that there is an issue. With these points in mind, these are 4 of the most important things to check if your AC isn’t getting cold and cooling your property effectively.

Has the Thermostat’s Setting Been Changed?

If your AC is not getting cold, checking the basics should be your first move. This includes looking to see that your thermostat’s settings have not been changed without you knowing about it. Checking the thermostat is often the simple solution to issues with your AC not putting out cold air to cool your home or business property.

Is the Filter Clogged/Dirty?

Another common cause of an AC that is not putting out cold air is also an easy one to check. If your AC filter is clogged or dirty, this can prevent the unit from being able to do its job of keeping your property cool and comfortable. The AC filter is responsible for trapping pollen, lint, dust, dirt, and hair and keeping these pollutants out of your unit.

Regularly cleaning these filters and changing them every three months is the best way to ensure that a clogged filter does not become a problem that prevents your AC from putting out cold air.

Is the AC Fan Motor Still Working?

The fan that is housed in your AC unit’s condenser is often a source of issues related to a lack of cold air. Issues can include the fan blades not rotating fast enough, the fan not turning on/shutting off, and dirt that is clogging the filter and causing the AC to overheat. If you have any concerns about your AC fan motor not working correctly, it is time to call in the services of your local provider of AC repair in Plantation.

Are the Air Ducts Blocked?

Air ducts that are either closed or have become clogged can cause your AC unit to have a hard time keeping your property cool and comfortable. The restricted airflow leads to the unit working too hard. This inevitably leads to problems with AC performance. If this is an issue you are dealing with, your local provider of AC maintenance in Plantation can help.

Keeping your AC working at peak efficiency is key to staying cool during the peak of the Florida heat. You can count on our team at SOS A/C Service when your AC isn’t getting cold enough. We are the leading provider of AC service in Plantation and we are only a phone call away. You can also contact us online to find out more about our services for AC maintenance and AC repair in Plantation.

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