The Top 4 Signs You Need to Contact the Best Coconut Creek, Florida A / C Services

Summer is here and the days are filled with intense heat and humidity. You rely on your air conditioning (A/C) to keep you cool so you can sit back and relax.  

The challenge is that your A/C is running for over 2 thousand hours per year. This is the equivalent of driving 130 thousand miles in your car nonstop at 65 miles per hour. The constant running of your A/C increases the odds that something will go wrong. Here are the top four signs when you need to contact us about your A/C system in Coconut Creek.  

Warm Air is Coming Out 

Warm air coming out of the A/C is a clear indication that you need to call us. You have issues such as the compressor not cooling or low refrigerant.  

Another possibility is a leak or cracks somewhere in the ductwork. This allows warm air to come into the crawl space and heat to go inside.  

We recommend calling us immediately if you are experiencing this issue. Your A/C system is wasting energy blowing out warm air and we can fix the problem.  

Strange Smelling Odors 

Strange or unpleasant smells coming from your A/C are another problem. Typically, this indicates damage to the electrical wiring in the system. This is a significant hazard and you want to contact us immediately if your experience these issues.  

SOS A/C Service has over 35 years of experience. We are licensed, professional, and will quickly fix your A/C issues. We offer the best Coconut Creek, Florida A/C services and will get the problems fixed fast.  

Unusual Sounds 

Odd noises that go beyond the normal flow of air and the system running are a problem. You could hear things like 

  • Clicking noises: This indicates an obstruction of your fan that is coming from outside. If the noise is coming from inside, it could indicate an electrical wiring issue. 
  • Squeaking or scratching sounds: These are either the bearings going bad or a belt issue.  

You want to call us and have our technicians come out right away to see if you have any of these issues with your A/C.   

Poor Airflow 

The restricted airflow is usually a sign of issues in the ducts or the compressor. This can be something like a weakened or restricted flow that prevents the cold air from coming out.  

The first thing you should do is shut off the A/C and schedule an appointment with us immediately.  

SOS A/C Services offers the best Coconut Creek, Florida A/C Services. We specialize in everything from maintenance, and repairs, to sales, and services.  

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These are the top four signs that you need to contact us right away. Call SOS A/C Services today at 954-710-8746 (in Broward County) or 561-933-5786 (in West Palm Beach). We offer a 100% money-back guarantee and will get your A/C back to normal quickly. We serve all of the different communities in Coconut Creek including Paloma Lakes, Tallowwood Isle, and Julia Gardens. Our technicians will come out right away so you are not without cold air for too long.  

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