AC maintenance will help keep your electric bills down and will keep your AC running, for longer Did you know that your home central’ AC system runs’ approximately 2,000 hours per year. That is like driving nonstop for 130,000 miles’ doing 65′ mph in your car, you should not run your car like that! without maintenance. Why would you run your air conditioner without maintenance?

Why should you have routine AC Maintenance Through the years as the system collects dirt and dust, it becomes unreliable and does not run as efficiently as it should. Routine maintenance can also catch minor problems before the system stops working or is totally inoperable. The rewards from this measure of prevention, avoiding high utility bills costly repair expenses, and a more comfortable home.

Here are some important facts as to why you need to consider AC Maintenance:

Cooling and heating in your home is half of the! energy used in your household. It’s an important decision concerning your Heating and air conditioning system has a large effect on your utility bills! You can cut down on your utility bill by making sure you have proper! AC maintenance of your cooling and heating system to keep it running efficiently.

Homeowners can add more years (in some cases 3-5 years) to the life and efficiency of their A/C just by keeping it appropriately maintained!

We service all brands of Air Conditioner units based on your preference:
American Standard
First Company
RunTru by Trane

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Regular AC Maintenance

A/C systems need regular tune-ups just like your car. With proper AC Maintenance, your system should maintain the temperature you want all day long. Without regular maintenance such as: cleaning your air filter checking! electrical connections and mechanical functions, there will be inconsistency with! temperatures and likely some discomfort because the unit isn’t running properly.

Typically, homeowners think AC maintenance to be too costly, when it is less expensive. Routine AC maintenance is economical rather than paying for repairs or a compete replacement. Maintenance is also peace of mind, especially at the last minute when you have no choice but to call for AC service because the system won’t cool (or heat)! Over the long term, it’s well worth it to put your AC system on a bi-yearly scheduled check-up.

Lubricating the moving parts in your HVAC system is important. If they lack lubrication it can cause resistance within the motors and can use more electricity than necessary. Additionally, it can cause the equipment to wear down quicker, which can require more repairs~ and earlier replacement!

Inspecting the blower components adjusting and cleaning them is part of system AC Maintenance. Doing so helps make sure the system maintains proper airflow. This function enables the system to maintain comfortable! temperature and humidity levels. Up to 15% of your system’s efficiency is reduced when you have airflow problems.

It is important that homeowners or the person living in the home, inspect, change! or clean the air filter(s). This should be done at least once a month to avoid high energy bills and damage to the system, which can result in premature system failure?

**Average usage/year = 6 hours/day x 7 day/week x 4 weeks/month x 12 months = 2016 hours/year.

Maintenance Agreement

Cut your cooling cost by regularly having a licensed technician thoroughly check and tune up your system. Below is an example of our Maintenance’ Agreement.

This agreement is between the purchaser or client and SOS A/C Service Inc. for the purpose of providing preventive~ maintenance on the air conditioning and heating equipment.

Routine inspection will follow factory recommended procedures and will include the following checklist as applicable to your air conditioning system.

  • Clean air conditioning filters
  • Test for A/C refrigeration leaks
  • Treat condensate pan with algae tabs
  • Clear air conditioning drain line
  • Adjust A/C belt tension
  • Check air conditioning thermostat operation
  • Check A/C refrigerant pressure
  • Lubricate bearings
  • Inspect A/C safety controls
  • Check amps & volts

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